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Empowering Aging Adults: Our Impactful Journey

Welcome to FCI Caring, where every action is dedicated to the well-being of older, vulnerable adults. Through private donations and impactful fundraising events, we keep our community's seniors safe and thriving in the comfort of their own homes. With hospital readmissions for our beneficiaries remaining impressively low at less than 1%, our commitment to providing affordable essential resources shines through. Your support is pivotal in continuing this crucial mission. Explore how you can make a difference through monetary donations, like-kind matching, volunteering, or sponsoring our events. Together, we can ensure aging adults maintain their independence and dignity. Join us in empowering lives today.

Empowering Aging Adults to Thrive Safely at Home

At FCI Caring, our mission is clear: to ensure older, vulnerable adults can maintain their independence and dignity by accessing essential resources. With your support, we've kept hospital readmissions below 1%, impacting hundreds of lives. Join us in sustaining this vital continuum of care.



Join Us in Making a Difference

Invest in Dignity and Independence: Your Support Keeps Vulnerable Seniors Safe in Their Own Homes

FCI Caring’s focus is on keeping older, vulnerable adults safely at home by providing affordable essential resources. This is accomplished with the help of private donations and fundraising events. Through this funding, FCI caring has had the opportunity to help hundreds of people with a multitude of resources, keeping hospital readmissions less than 1% for those people we serve.

Your support ensures that this critical piece of the continuum of care for aging will continue. We ask for you to get involved: whether through monetary donations, like-kind matching, volunteering or sponsorships in our events.

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Join Our Community of Care: Your Contribution Matters in Keeping Vulnerable Adults Safe at Home

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Our Featured Recipient

Dwight MacDonald

Our featured story is of Dwight MacDanold, the San Diego Charger who we helped to find a better living environment.


Mission Statement

To facilitate services and enhance access to care for vulnerable populations by raising funds to support underfunded older adults.

Challenges of Aging in Place

When your loved ones become ill, injured, or just don’t have the ability to take care of themselves they need help.

Families experience financial hardships due to gaps in traditional insurance reimbursement for needed care services and equipment.

This is because aging in place and rehabilitation services are often limited by insurance.

Family members may become exhausted from caring for their loved one and will need help at home with everything from personal hygiene care to companionship.

Additionally, in many cases they may not have the resources to modify their home or purchase needed equipment.

For people who live alone just getting groceries, picking up prescriptions, or getting to a doctor’s appointment can be big obstacles.

These financial burdens can be devastating and can lead to a person being institutionalized or even worse they may get no help at all.

Who Can Benefit
  • Elderly
  • Alzheimer’s/Dementia Patients
  • Cancer Patients
  • Hospice Patients
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Veteran
  • Parkinson’s Patients
  • Persons with disabilities
  • Respite Patients
  • Palliative Patients
  • Stroke Partients
  • ALS Patients

Our Featured Outreach

We are excited to announce our Intergenerational Community Garden, located at the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum in Vista, California.

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