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Why Donate

FCI Caring’s focus is on keeping older, vulnerable adults safely at home by providing affordable essential resources. This is accomplished with the help of private donations and fundraising events. Through this funding, FCI Caring has had the opportunity to help hundreds of people with a multitude of resources, keeping hospital readmissions less than 1% for those people we serve.

Your support ensures that this critical piece of the continuum of care for aging will continue. We ask for you to get involved: whether through monetary donations, like-kind matching, volunteering or sponsorships in our events.

Here are a few examples of how our support has helped:

  • J.T., a 66 year old patient with end-stage bone cancer, was receiving hospice services at home. Although his wife and family members rallied to help in every way possible, more help was needed. With the help of FCI Caring, a caregiver was brought in to remain bedside during what turned out to be the last night of his life. This allowed his family to spend time sharing their love with him as opposed to focusing on the physical care needs that were required.
  • B.G., a 54 year old woman, had no use of her arms and restricted mobility following a horrific car accident. She lived alone in a mobile home park and had no family living locally. She was awaiting approval for County support but in the interim had no assistance. FCI Caring allowed her to be able to afford caregiving 8 hours weekly, a case manager who connected her with community resources such as meal deliveries and transportation.
  • V.V., a 93 year old man who was hospitalized following a stroke, was being discharged home where he had been living alone. His niece agreed to come from the East Coast to stay with him temporarily but couldn’t arrive for 3 days. FCI Caring again stepped in and provided case management to assist in coordinating the discharge, medication pick-up, transportation home, caregiving service at a greatly reduced cost, and had a Personal Emergency Response System ordered and in place prior to the niece’s arrival.
  • D.M., an 82 year old man, was hospitalized following a fall that resulted in a broken hip. He was the primary caregiver for his wife of 60 years who had dementia, which he had been hiding from friends and distant family members. When it was discovered that she was home alone, a wellness visit was made, finding her extremely anxious and confused as to where her husband had gone. coordinated daily transportation to and from the hospital to sit with him and a “tuck in” service for her when she arrived back home in the evenings. No words describe the relief on her husband’s face every morning that she showed up for a visit.

We are grateful for your generosity and your commitment to making a difference.